Confront Trump’s Threat To Humanity


Re: #NoDAPL: We fight on

Hello Sara,

First: Thank you for the contact address.

Second: It would be greatly appreciated AND VERY HELPFUL TO ALL if the web-pages that are being developed under the ORIGINATION are communicated, on a non-stop basis, to everyone in the Trump Administration. And ALL Trump supporters!

Trump and the inner Demons that are driving him to do as he wishes regardless the eventual costs and consequences to Humanity at large, are quite easy to understand.

Those pages, and the related messages contained therein, sufficiently publicized, shall have a harsh and deterring effect on his desire (And all of his associated swamp bunnies / political sap suckers.) to see things happen in keeping with his sick determination, regardless the consequences to all others.

If possible, receipt of the email address to the Army / Defense Department highest Ranking Doctors involved in the study / treatment of Physical and Psychiatric Disorders would be very helpful. They are key to getting an immediate order from whichever Court (Of competent Jurisdiction / and all that.) (If, hopefully, they remain true to their oaths!). 

Note: The language to use in approaching the Medical side of this should / must relate to the dangerously deleterious / negative affects applicable to the whole of American society due that ONE MAN's determination to force everyone to UNDERSTAND, BOW TO and, finally, SURRENDER to the abject reality that "Power, does indeed, CORRUPT and that absolute Power in the hands of a mad and thoroughly mean man IS A threat to Humanity's very existence . . and that . . due their growing fear of him (AND THAT IS HIS GOAL!) ALL RESISTANCE TO HIS SICK DETERMINATION TO BRING ABOUT ABSOLUTE CONTROL OVER ALL WILL COLLAPSE AND HE SHALL proceed WITH LITTLE OR NO INTERRUPTION FROM SUCH AS THOSE WHO MIGHT STILL DARE TO CONFRONT HIM.

To help ensure that Trump's madness be held in check: (With apologies for the repetition.) Please have everyone send the URL's of the “” related pages to everyone known to them. AND TO EVERYONE ON TRUMP'S Team. They were designed to force these FOOLS to look at the mirrors that guide all: 

One that kick-starts the physical revulsion when sick / social 'Bad Actors' come face to face with the cause of their pending / possible ostracization; the second when they understand the extent to which they are honestly and meaningfully reviled by the public at large due their COWARDLY / CRIMINAL / UNCONSCIONABLE actions.

Please ensure that EVERYONE in America understands this: 

Trump and his Team care NOT one whit about any who may have voted for Trump. Unfortunately, they are looked upon by Trump and his entourage as "Blind and Willing Chumps".

Danger Signals! . . . . 

Everyone on his team KNOW who is buttering their bread . . and they will make toast for that fool at a mere hint that such is required . . without reference, care or a smidgen of thought for any others feelings, needs or related consequences to ANYONE in ANY regard.

Things are that bad . . . even to a stranger from afar. No one can be permitted to misunderstand what is happening. Trump poses a unique and existential threat to all life on the planet!

It is Trump's MOST EVIL DETERMINATION, long guided by Bannon's baby squeal input, to bring on " A New Reich" . . and to do just that . . again . . regardless all past lessons about the associated / related costs and consequences to all others! 

Please help to spread this bit of important information: 

Trump's pretense of doubting President Obama's birth place was PLANNED, and received the intended results, of USING the madness of the overt greed and racist driven ideologies in America to pull off his perversions against the whole of HUMANITY.

Please spread this OPTIC: 

Trump quite simply looks at everyone who is NOT COMPLETELY WITH HIM . . as opponents fit for the ovens . . that shall be built by his loyal followers as a necessity for "America's Survival". 

Things are not only THAT BAD AND DANGEROUS!

It gets worse! 

With Trump’s “Bitch” Steven Bannon now on board the NSA and spewing her "Need For The Supremacy of White Race to be ForceFully Established" mantra (And one which Putin possibly agrees with wholeheartedly and may well have previously discussed and committed to with Trump.), everyone with any level of commitment to reversing the Military madness that shall soon otherwise level the world and leave us physically and mentally destitute MUST get on board and do their BEST to help confront and stop these madmen.

Do it! Help SPREAD THE WORD! Trump and the mean-minded “Wealth-Guided” bastards that surround him are a threat to the whole of Humanity!

And, please, do not worry about the threats spewed by Trump's Henchmen . .  either we care enough about our duty to the whole of Humanity . . or the Madness that drove fools such as Hitler and Mussolini shall soon be resurrected and projected worldwide!

Screw You Steve Bannon! Screw You Donald Trump!


To a safer, saner and more caring world!

To Duty!

Daniel J. Lavigne


Now, the message from :


Last week Donald Trump told the US Army Corps of Engineers to stop their comprehensive environmental review of the Dakota Access Pipeline. It's up to us to deny that request. Sorry, Donald.

Yesterday, things got worse. This review moved one step closer to being scrapped as the Acting Secretary of the Army Corps directed them to grant the final permit needed. It could happen any time now and construction could resume - unless we flood the Army Corps with comments telling them to continue their full environmental review of the pipeline.

If we succeed, DAPL will be forced through a multi-month review of its impact on drinking water, tribal rights and the climate. The only way to approve this pipeline without conducting the review would be to to disregard the hundreds of thousands of comments from people like you.

Join the resistance: send a comment to the Army Corps of Engineers demanding a comprehensive environmental review of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe, whose drinking water and sacred sites have been desecrated by this pipeline, already announced plans to sue to stop any action to expedite DAPL. Every comment we send bolsters their legal case that the federal government would be abandoning their own rules and procedures by illegally forcing the project through.

Not only is Trump's administration full of Big Oil cronies, he also owns stock in the company behind Dakota Access. Illegally forcing this project through is an obvious example of corruption -- not to mention a gross violation of Indigenous rights and the science of climate action.

To be honest, he's holding a lot of the cards in this fight. But he's also facing some of the most dedicated and most effective grassroots organizers in North America -- the indigenous leaders who brought over 500 tribes together in this historic fight, the hundreds and thousands of people who stood out in the cold in North Dakota with them, not to mention the millions of people supporting this fight around the country, and the rest of the world -- and I will never rule them out.

It's our job to have their backs, and we can do that by flooding the Army Corps with comments against DAPL and fighting Trump's plan to fast track this pipeline.

If the first 10 days of Trump's administration have shown us anything, it's that people are ready to resist in unheard of numbers. Let's keep the pressure on.

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