The Petition

In order to confront 

“The Climate Crisis”,

President Obama’s Message

calls on everyone, worldwide,

to respond to the following:

A Petition to Wake Humanity

Individuals undertaking their own observations of 

The Climate Crisis

are fully aware of the TimeLine to “The Tipping Point”. 

They are also aware that,

upon reaching such,

our Children shall have no future,

none at all.


In order that Parents may have an opportunity

to wake Humanity to what our children face: 

We, the individuals concerned about

our children’s now “At Risk” future;

ask all others to clearly state

if they are prepared to


their personal vehicles,

or abandon our Children,

and risk our near term extinction for 

whatever is made available to us via fossil fuels.


(a) Are you prepared to STORE

your personal vehicle

until the Climate Crisis

has passed?

Yes (    )   No  (    )

(b) Upon becoming aware

of the imperative need



all personal vehicles:

Will you work to have that come about?

Yes (    )   No  (    )

To participate:

Tell your family and friends your answers to the questions.

To a safer, saner and more caring world!

To Duty!

© Daniel J. Lavigne 2017